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“Happiest moment of my life”

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“Happiest moment of my life”

This Thursday (13), the actor and comedian Paulo Gustavo took the time to answer some questions from , fans, followers and admirers on social networks. Married for years to the dermatologist Thales Bretas, the couple are parents of the twins Romeu and Gael, in one of the questions , answered, the actor took the opportunity to talk about fatherhood.

“I am living the happiest moment of my life with my children. Today I already woke up, gave breast, took them in my lap, already gave them a smell and now they are mimicking. I will work soon. I can't take love, ”, said in a video on Instagram's Stories.

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Paulo Gustavo also said that the heirs do not work and sleep well. “They sleep, but sometimes, they wake up. They lay seven, wake up eleven to breastfeed and go until half past six in the morning ”, said the comedian all proud of , children.

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