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Guides – MediEvil (PS4 Remake) – Almost a Hero Trophy Guide

MediEvil (PS4 Remake) - Almost a Hero Trophy Guide


Guides – MediEvil (PS4 Remake) – Almost a Hero Trophy Guide

This guide contains all the details about MediEvil (PS4 Remake) – Almost a Hero Trophy Guide
MediEvil (PS4 Remake / Remaster) – Almost a Hero Trophy Guide – Give the Gallowmere Knights everything you have. (Silver)

Level: Zarok's Lair
During the final level, on the first encounter, some enemy soldiers will appear on the opposite side and on your side some skeletons will appear. You receive a new "weapon" called "Good Lightning" that changes your health vials to upgrade your troops. It's your job to keep your troops alive.

For this trophy, “giving them everything you have” means healing your last health bottle. For me it was unlocked by sacrificing 4 of my health bars to my troops through Good Lightning. You must continually press SQUARE with the equipped healing cup and run left and right in the middle of the field (between the troops) so that the green lightning strikes your friendly soldiers. Just have the green lightning strike them for a second and move on. The lightning will always strike the nearest skeleton without having to point it. Don't stop walking, keep moving, coming and going. It will be unlocked immediately during the skeleton fight, even before the fight is over!

If it has not yet been unlocked when the skeleton fight ends, restart the level immediately and try again. Make sure you have at least 3 full health vials above your health bar before you begin.

Observation: It is NOT necessary to have collected any chalices or souls! You can do this without having collected any of them.

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All MediEvil Trophies (2019):

Gallowmere Savior
Unlock all trophies.

Quest Complete
Complete all levels of the game.

Morten would be proud
Collect all entries from the Gallowmere Book.

King of Hearts
Collect all rewards from the cup.

Defeat the Graveyard Guardians.

A terrible death
Defeat the stained glass demon in the hill mausoleum.

Demolished the demons
Destroy both Demonettes in Enchanted Land.

Bone Head Dead Bone
Defeat the ghost ship captain aboard the ghost ship.

Eradicate the queen ant and , minions.

Pumpkin King Squash
Defeat the pumpkin king in deadly pumpkin combat.

Not so scary right now, huh?
Defeat Lord Kardok and , skeletal horse.

Defeat the dragon in the crystal caves.

Almost a hero
Give the Gallowmere Knights everything you have.

Lost and found
Find all the lost souls.

Savior of the Soul
Put all lost souls to rest.

If , slides, I kill
Kill the Gallowmere Serpent.

Healthiest Man Alive – Er Dead
Collect each bottle of life.

Sir moneybags
Collect 10,000 gold coins.

Sneaky Old School
Try to execute any original game code.

Damaged Drivers
Defeat the Mecha Imps and their insulting Imp pilots.

Master Dan-At-Arms
Collect all weapons.

Dizzy Decimator
Defeat 30 enemies with the sword spin attack.

The answer is chicken
Throw 42 chicken legs.

Witch's Familiar
Collect the Witch Talisman and complete both missions.

Zip Zap Imp Splat
Fry a dozen imps with Lightning.

Give me that back!
Lose, then retrieve your weapon from an Imp.

It's not their fault they're crazy
Do not harm the Crazy Family.

Deadly Smorgasbord
Die 7 different ways.

Partial to Potions
Drink 32 health vials.

Now with added magic!
Enchant the Broad Sword.

Mostly armless
Kill something with your own arm.

Rock wrangler
Avoid all the rolling stones on Cemetery Hill.

Colonel Fortesque Special Recipe
Turn an enemy into a Roast Chicken and eat it.

Not so armless
Defeat the Stained Glass Demon with only your arm.

A shocking lack of respect
Destroy 100 headstones.

That is just say!
Smash a severed hand.

Walls Are For Chumps
Return to Dan's Crypt and tear down the secret wall.

Fire 50 enemies.

Stop beating yourself
Get hit by a crystal that falls during the dragon battle in the crystal caves.

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