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Borderlands 3 Warden Boss Fight takes place in Main Mission: Hammerlocked. The director is the eighth head of the BL3 main story.

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Strategy: This boss has two health bars. The first is weak to corrosive damage (green element). When the boss generates , "super moves" (rockets, lasers, etc.), make sure to stay hidden. , is immune to damage while performing these attacks. Especially your rockets are very deadly and should be avoided at all costs. , will spawn , minions constantly during the fight. If you want to play it safe, take it off first before focusing on the boss. If you're well equipped, just run in circles, focus all your firepower on the boss, and use , immune time to kill supplements. When , yellow bar runs out, , stops using rockets and lasers, etc. and instead jumps. Keep moving, shooting monsters and the boss (you need to move so , doesn't jump on you). Headshots are the weak point during your red health bar phase. One thing that can really make this phase a pain is that the boss can heal your entire red health bar (but not the yellow bar). Do not leave , alone for long. If , starts to put a golden glow on the ground, , is about to heal when you see it bombard , with , active abilities and focus fire on ,. It is best to keep your skills ready and not waste them first. The best weapons for this fight are short range (SMG, Shotgun, scope weapons to reach weak points from the middle range) with corrosive elemental damage if you have it available (help with your yellow health bar).


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