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Borderlands 3 Tyreen, the Ultimate Destroyer Boss Fight & Ending. Tyreen the Destroyer is the endboss in Borderlands 3 during the main mission "Divine Retribution".

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Strategy: Tyreen is the final boss of Borderlands 3. , will turn into a giant monster. Its weak point is the head (which is sometimes hidden inside the monster's body). It will throw purple lines across the ground around you, but, as in Troy's fight, you can stay behind to let them separate. This creates gaps for you to safely walk the purple lines. The easiest way is to always walk sideways while jumping throughout the fight, so you are rarely hit (but don't fall into the arena as it would kill you instantly). Try to feel the angle at which these purple lines are fired. Tyreen also throws a big ball of purple energy at you. This can be hard to dodge as you identify yourself. You can try to run towards the boss, but due to the comeback effect and the large impact radius, you will most likely be hit by it several times. If your shields are strong enough to withstand this attack, there is no reason to worry. Again, it is better to have high capacity shields above reload speed – better to withstand a strong attack than to have a weak shield and reduced health. As long as you know how to avoid all other attacks, it's okay to get hit by the target balls. After sufficient damage, the Destroyer will kneel. Then you should get on your back (behind, over your foot) and shoot the purple core in the back. Now jump and shoot Tyreen's head, who is now exposed and ready to receive some critical hits. Between stages, the boss generates big AOE attacks, like a fireball that throws multiple lasers through the arena – just run away and avoid the lasers. Mobs appear between stages (flying creatures), killing them for ammo and health. In short, the attack pattern remains pretty much the same throughout the fight and jumping sideways around the boss is the way to go.


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