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Captain Traunt Boss Fight from Borderlands 3 takes place in Main Mission: The Impending Storm. Captain Traunt is the fourth boss in the main story.

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Strategy: This boss is very smart, very healthy and especially , shields are hard to knock down. It uses some elemental fire and ice attacks at long, medium and short range. The tricky part is knocking down your shields. Simply put: you need enough damage to make it happen. If you have an insufficient level or very weak weapons, this will be a pain. Running around in a circle with a shotgun is risky, but has the most damage possible – be sure to shoot the generator in the back (can also be hit from the front, above the shoulder). This is your weak point. A shotgun bullet in the face can also surprise the boss for a moment, which is great when ,'s about to trigger an attack. The brute force you with a shotgun at close range will only work if you are well equipped. The most careful approach is to keep your distance, use cover in the area, and shoot your weak spot with a sniper rifle or assault rifle, but it will take a while just to knock your shields down. The most important part of this fight is not letting , regain , shield after , falls. Push hard on your health bar when the shield is worn out. , health bar runs out faster than , shields, so get in your best weapon and shoot at the weak spot (the generator that stands out from the back above the shoulder). Also, keep your activation skills ready for when , shield falls, dealing a ton of damage as quickly as possible. If this boss is giving you a lot of trouble, just climb a little higher and get better equipment, at level 15 it should get significantly easier.

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