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Grazi Massafera: “I am intense by nature”

Crédito: Reprodução/TV Globo


Grazi Massafera: “I am intense by nature”

Airing as the protagonist Paloma of Rede Globo's seven soap opera, “Bom Sucesso”, Grazi Massafera is in the mood and spoke exclusively to ISTOÉ about the character and how , changed , way of seeing life.

Tell us a bit about the character and the experience of playing such an intense story?

Paloma is a seamstress, helps in the United do Bom Sucesso school shed, has a passion for samba, loves literature and raised , three children on , own. , is struggling and dreamy. It reminds me a lot of my mother, who was a seamstress, and also a lot of warrior woman I already met along the way. It's full of Paloma out there. When was I going to have the opportunity to make a seamstress to honor my mother and so many other women? The story seduced me. It is a delight to watch and drink from this fountain with these struggling women, full of strength and owners of their own history and life.

Did the character impact the way you see life? As?

We talk about death to talk about life. How are you living? I am intense by nature. I do not allow myself to do something without being whole, but I began to give new value to small things. Thanks to the novel, I read a wonderful book called “Death is a day worth living,” by Dr. Ana Claudia Quintana Arantes. I started talking to my daughter every day, “Enjoy today.”

The recording routine, even with the debut, ends up making the schedule very tight. Do you have any secrets to take care of your mind and body?

I take vitamins, I practice yoga, which is my new passion, and whenever I give I do muay thai. I'm taking two liters of water every day to the studios and I'm trying to get better sleep. I like to exercise and I am of the day, which already helps a lot.

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