Grazi and Caio Castro post similar romantic photos and make fans excited

Grazi Massafera and Caio Castro They've been seen together in a romance mood several times. Despite this, they do not officially confirm dating. On the night of Thursday (7), however, they returned to draw attention on social networks.

First, Grazi shared a photo in which a woman appears cuddling dancing with a man in black and white. In the caption , wrote: “Dance.” Caio even commented on the post with emojis.

Hours later, it was Caio's turn, through Stories, to post a similar black and white photo of a couple. In this image, a woman does not appear dancing with the man but receiving a squeeze in the butt. “Squeeze , butt in front of the men who want you and squeeze , butt in front of the women who want you,” read the text in the photo.

Fans were quick to connect a possible link between actor and actress, suggesting an indirect on each side. Grazi's image got a lot of comments, such as “Say it's Caio and you in this picture, please”, “It's Caio with you, sure!”, “Is it Caio ???”, among others .

Check out the photo posted by Grazi below:

Playback / Instagram

Check out the photo posted by Caio Castro below:

Playback / Instagram

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