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Glamor Garcia had finger torn off by ex during 'Dona do Pedaço'

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Glamor Garcia had finger torn off by ex during 'Dona do Pedaço'

Recently, Glamor Garcia reported being beaten by ex-husband Gustavo Dagnese. This Thursday (16), the story gained a new chapter. According to information from TV News, in October last year, the music producer closed a door on the actress's hand, which eventually had to undergo a reimplant surgery.

At the time of the assault, , was admitted to a hospital at dawn and told the medical staff that the culprit was Gustavo Dagnese. Despite this, , chose not to file a police report against , husband.

After undergoing surgery, Glamor returned to work with a bandage on , finger and ended up hiding , arm behind , body in the recordings. In addition, recordings of scenes from 'Dona Do Pedaço' only showed the character from the waist up.

This week, Glamor was at the Forensic Institute to perform deltio body examination. , filed a complaint for assault on , ex-husband last Saturday (11), also asking for a protective measure.

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