“Girlfriend without class … not even Meghan and Harry”: terrible criticism of Chiquis Rivera and , scandalous wedding

Chiquis Rivera had already worn a wedding dress.
Instagram, El Gordo and La Flaca

The expected wedding of Chiquis Rivera It ended in a tremendous mess, threats to the press and annoyance on the part of the relatives. What was anticipated would be a secret link, it ended in the worst way.

The public was aware of the union between the daughter of Jenni Rivera and the singer Lorenzo Mendez. , witnessed Juan’s discomfort and Rosie Rivera and also of how a security guard spat on the face of a cameraman of “El gordo y la flaca”.

“All of that is the fault of the press itself … now any shit is called an artist and they run behind their heels, filling their ego and giving them the importance they DO NOT deserve!”, wrote a user on Instagram.

“All this I am glad that it happens to the press to give it as much importance as if the Queen of Spain married there they have used the press when they feel like it and for the wedding nooo is a farta of respect what they did to journalists Everyone is not given importance that horror, “said another.

Juan Rivera exploded against Raúl de Molina and even aired , cell phone in revenge for having made the invitation known. Rosie said they “hurt” , little girl.

“I hope they stop talking about that family and no one pays attention to them, they’ll give them a call when they need them,” expressed another person.

Chiquis dress that leaked through the cameras “Drop the Soup” went unnoticed.

“I do not understand so much gossip but even when Prince Harry married with Meghan there was so much or when , married Kim Kardashian and Ken-Y West it seems too much”, “I do not think that family deserves the time and importance that they give” , “It was a wedding without class”, others expressed.

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