Flavia Pavanelli is criticized for small breasts and says, “Really?”

Digital influencer Flavia Pavanelli has publicly responded to some criticism , received on Instagram Stories for , breast size. Outraged by what happened, , shared how the Internet user was responding to , publications. “, chest got very small with this dress” and “, chest is very small” were some examples.

Flavia printed the messages and blurted out, “Really? Almost by 2020 ??? ”. “When are we going to get together more, woman? Let's stop wanting others to be as you would like, ”, added.

Following, digital influencer shared a text about self-esteem. “If your sincerity affects the self-esteem of others, shut up! If your opinion is demotivating, shut up! If your constructive criticism diminishes anyone, shut up! Truths without empathy are a selfish need to scream the worst of others, ”the post said.

Check out the print below:

Playback / Instagram

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