Filters videos of the wedding of Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez

The recordings show the decoration and the arrival of the guests to the wedding, as well as the tremendous floral arrangements that will decorate the church and the fabulous party

The wedding of Chiquis Rivera It seems that it will gather hundreds of people. The celebration after the religious wedding seems like it will be in style and in the open air. The decoration has hundreds of flower arrangements and candles. Elena Jiménez, friend of Jenni Rivera, was one of the first to arrive at the wedding.

So far, Chiquis’ wedding dress has not been seen, but there are already images of some guests waiting for the arrival of the bride outside the church.

Here we share some of the videos that have been filtered where you can see how everything seems to come from a dream.

Arrival of the guests to the church.

The decoration of the party is in dream.

Lorenzo’s daughter looks like a little girlfriend.

Fans of the Rivera family are waiting for the leaking of more information and images about the long-awaited marriage link.

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