Fernanda Paes Leme reveals worsening of , coronavirus condition and criticizes Bolsonaro

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With coronavirus and quarantined, Fernanda Paes Leme used the stories of , Instragram to tell how , is dealing with the disease. The actress reported on Wednesday (25) that , was unable to sleep after stomach pains and vomiting.

“I'm waking up now because I haven't slept all night. I was taken by surprise by a worsening and I had a really bad night. This has happened with some patients who in the end get worse. , scared me because I was feeling so good and now I'm not so well. I had a lot of pain in my belly, vomiting and I thought , was ending. I have two days left, ”, complained.

The actress also took the opportunity to criticize the statement by Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) last Tuesday (24). According to ,, people should follow the opposite of what was indicated by the president.

“To make matters worse, we heard the bullshit that the president is talking about. Please continue washing your hands, taking care of yourself and not listening to the president, please, ”, said.

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