Doña Rosa's message to , granddaughter Chiquis Rivera amid rumors of infidelity by Lorenzo Méndez

There are rumors that Lorenzo Mendez is unfaithful to Chiquis Rivera. Before the gossip around the couple, madam Rosa , texted , granddaughter.

“I am not going to talk much about the things that are being said right now, because the truth is I don't pay attention. I entrust myself to God. When I'm ready to talk about ,, I'm going to talk to you, because I always do, “said the mother of Jenni Rivera to “Drop the Soup”.

Doña Rosa, who suffered the infidelity of Don Pedro Rivera, knows what , feels like to be a deceived woman. The advice , gave Chiquis will help , to take action if , has the evidence of a love slip from , husband.

Look while you don't see, as long as you don't have proof I say forget ,. , may be that there are people who want to hurt you, but I lasted many years like that, but when I saw, I said bye, bye, added. [/ embed]


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