Don Francisco mourns the death of ‘Danielita’ Núñez who was part of the Sabado Gigante children's clan

“Last night , heart stopped beating. Our condolences to , family. Rest in peace Danielita,” said the famous Chilean-born celebrity.

Mr. Francisco.

Mike Windle / Getty Images

“Danielita Núñez” passed away, one of the most beloved talents of The Giant Saturday Children's Clan, famous now defunct program of the Univision network, hosted by Mr. Francisco.

Through Instagram, the Chilean-born celebrity mourned the death of , beloved Danielita, who debuted on the screens of , program at the age of nine.

There are lives that leave deep traces. “Danielita” Núñez, from our Children's Clan, taught us the value of fighting to live with a smile. Last night , heart stopped beating. Our condolences to your family. Rest in peace Danielita!“Wrote the celebrity.

Danielita suffered from cancer at a very young age, whose treatment left , very weak. The chemotherapy treatment weakened , heart muscle and this led to , needing a heart transplant, according to the People magazine portal.

, is also known that throughout , life Daniela faced four strokes, , also lost , sight and even speech and stopped walking.

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