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Despite , success, Rosalia is shattered in the networks

A pesar de su éxito, Rosalía es destrozada en las redes


Despite , success, Rosalia is shattered in the networks


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The duet of the Spanish singer Rosalia with the reggaeton Ozuna, “I x you, you x me”, it has been a success, to such an extent that the video of the subject got 17 million views in Youtube just two days after being released.

However, a lot of comments have arisen around the song, and are not focused on the quality of it, but on the diction of Rosalia. Some examples have been “I can't understand a word but I fell in love with this song,” “I never thought I would understand , more. Ozuna that to Rosalia“And” only for certain seconds do I understand what it says. “

Many fans of Rosalia have criticized “I x you, you x me” As for the track, it moves considerably away from the previous hits of the singer, in which the fusion of flamenco and pop was clear, when the duet with Ozuna It is specifically a reggaeton theme. In the coming days the song will debut in several lists of successes, in which it will be possible to verify if this change in its music has been worthwhile.

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