Claudia Rodrigues is hospitalized again

Actress Claudia Rodrigues (Credit: Reproduction / Facebook)

Actress Claudia Rodrigues was admitted to a hospital in Sao Paulo on Monday, 2. The information was confirmed to E + by , businesswoman, Adriane Bonato.

According to ,, the actress had been having severe headaches since , last hospitalization, which would have intensified last weekend.

“, came to the hospital in the morning, had , exams and , was hospitalized. You are now waiting for the medication you have been waiting for in the United States to try to stop the degeneration. The pain comes from it, ”said Adriane.

This is not the first hospitalization of Claudia Rodrigues, who suffers from multiple sclerosis (click here to read more about the disease), in 2019.

On March 23, the actress was hospitalized, discharged days later, in early April. “I'll make you laugh twice,” , celebrated after leaving the hospital on occasion.

In late May, Claudia Rodrigues underwent a new hospitalization after fainting and low blood pressure.

On October 19, the humorist published a video after being discharged from a new admission for exams.

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