‘Charlie’s Angels’ could be one of the top box office failures this year in Hollywood

The film starring Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott, does not lift on the billboards.

Tape ‘Charlie’s Angels’Has not given the expected results and everything indicates that it could be one of the main box office failures this year in Hollywood.

The film, which premiered this weekend, barely raised $ 8 million 300 thousand dollars in the United States, according to the Box Office Mojo portal. Worldwide, it amounted to $ 27 million 651 thousand dollars.

The remake of the action saga, starring Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska Y Naomi scott It was made with a budget of $ 48 million dollars.

Given these numbers, the director Elizabeth Banks , expressed , annoyance at other projects that have been refreshed for new audiences, as in the case of some Marvel tapes.

“There have been 37 Spider-Man movies and nobody has complained!” Banks told WSJ magazine.

“I think women are allowed to have one or two action franchises every 17 years. Being in a great franchise allows you to have it all. It is unfair to women because the best roles are usually in small films, but no money is earned. It’s okay to want to make money. ”

In 2000, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu gave Charlie’s Angels life for the first time in cinema. That first tape raised $ 264 million 105 thousand 545 dollars Worldwide.

Its sequel, released two years later, achieved a similar amount: $ 259 million 175 thousand 788 Dollars.

The tape is expected to recover at the box office for next weekend, although the competition will be complicated, as it opens Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’.

The current version of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ has a feminist turn in history that has not been so well received by fans of the saga and the classic television series of the 70s.

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