Celebrities who have been accused of infidels

Infidelity is an act that is difficult to forgive and when you are famous the rumors that may come out around this are even more serious. Examples of these are these celebrities who at some point in their lives have had to face speculation, some really happened, others were speculationLook at how they were affected.

1. Juanes

In 2007 the singer was unfaithful to Karen Martinez, was even credited with paternity of a child out of wedlock. Martínez forgave , and they are currently very happy together.

2. Eugenio Derbez

Recently the mother of Vadhir Derbez , confessed in an interview with , son that the comedian was unfaithful to , with Victoria Ruffo, mother Jose Eduardo. The truth is that the half brothers are a few months apart in their age, so this would be the explanation. Ruffo became pregnant with José Eduardo when Vadhir was just a few months old.

3. Gabriel Soto

The love triangle between Geraldine Bazán, Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva , left a long list of unknowns that are still being talked about to date. And , is that while the actress assures that , ex-husband cheated on , when they were still married, , assures that the relationship with the Russian occurred when , was separated. The truth is love seems to have been around for a long time.

4. Lorenzo Méndez

The husband of Chiquis Rivera recently been the target of rumors after Tell me what you know they will talk about their alleged lover. The woman, originally from Texas, came out to deny the story of , romance with the singer. And is that a few days ago some photographs of both appeared on the web giving way to all kinds of theories. The truth is that the rumor seems to be false since even Lorenzo himself made fun of ,.


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