Called “disgusting”, Ludmilla gets into trouble in Rio nightclub

The night of last Tuesday (12) was busy for Ludmilla. The singer left a Boate Boox employee in Arpoador, Rio, embarrassed after being called “disgusting” by someone else. The information was released by columnist Leo Dias, from UOL.

Ludmilla arrived with a group of friends at the club around one in the morning, causing a stir due to , presence. Some people began to question who the celebrity would be. Another person in line replied, “It's the disgusting Ludmilla.” At this point, a friend of the singer looked back and associated that the curse came from the cashier woman, who made the customer card.

After this episode, the singer was sent to a reserved space, where , had all the perks given by the establishment, such as drink and free food. Ludmilla and friends stayed at the place for about three hours. When it was time to leave, the funkeira went to take pleasure in the nightclub employee, whom , thought called , “gross.” Ludmilla picked up , cell phone, typed the term “gross” and rubbed it in the face of the collaborator, who began to cry after Lud's attitude.

Ludmilla's press office was approached by Leo Dias, who said the artist was not mistaken about the offender and that , would not have rubbed the phone in the employee's face. , would only have shown the meaning of the word and politely said about the importance of having more empathy and respect for people.

Boox night club, in turn, regretted what happened and said it believed in the suitability of its employee. In addition, , said that its doors will always be open to receive the singer Ludmilla with the same affection and affection that received last night.

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