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Burning? Check out what Lupillo Rivera’s ex answered about Belinda’s tattoo

¿Ardida? Checa lo que la ex de Lupillo Rivera respondió sobre el tatuaje que él se hizo de Belinda


Burning? Check out what Lupillo Rivera’s ex answered about Belinda’s tattoo


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Although initially Mayeli Alonso -the ex-wife of Lupillo Rivera– , wanted to be very open to speculation that , ex-husband and the singer Belinda they had a relationship (and even assured that, if true, they would like to invite them to dinner), it seems that their attitude has changed a lot.

Now that with evidence it has been shown that Lupillo got a tattoo of the face of Belinda, this is what Mayeli answered in an interview on the program The fat and the skinny: “I am not interested, I have no answer for that because I am not interested, that you tattoo whatever you want.”

The truth is that despite everything that has been speculated, Belinda and Lupillo have not made this relationship official, which if true, would cause the singer to be one of the most envied men. Meanwhile, Mayeli continues to promote , makeup line and is happy to have celebrated , daughter Lupita Karizma Your 15 year party.

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