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Brutal! Look at the photo of Rosalia raising suspicions

¡Brutal! Mira la foto de Rosalía que levanta sospechas


Brutal! Look at the photo of Rosalia raising suspicions


Instagram capture

Spanish singer Rosalia It has become an international star: the sales of its album have increased, as well as the number of views in Youtube to , hit “With height”. But on this occasion, it is the possible increase to something else that is causing controversy.

The recent photo that Rosalia uploaded to your account Instagram , shows it in a close-up in which , fleshy lips protrude, very different from those , looked two years ago when , had a local success in , native Spain. In interviews , has always denied that , resorted to cosmetic surgeries, with sharp answers such as “I have never done anything”, but a few days ago , emphasized how different , nose looked when Rosalia , attended a talent show in 2008.

Fan comments to this recent post by Instagram They were mixed: in contrast to compliments like “baby angel” “little mouth” or “pretty friend”, there were texts like “The good botox” “what's wrong with my lips?” and “let's see and if I inject my lips like this ? ”Is it just the makeup of the successful singer or the result of a more elaborate procedure on , lips?

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