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Brutal, Ivy Queen, ‘La Caballota’, exposes the artists of the urban genre who are ignoring it

Brutal, Ivy Queen, ‘La Caballota’, expone a los artistas del género urbano que la están ignorando


Brutal, Ivy Queen, ‘La Caballota’, exposes the artists of the urban genre who are ignoring it

The singer wants to collaborate with several famous exponents of reggaeton, but these apparently do not want to, because they continue to ignore their messages

Ivy Queen.

Mike Coppola / Getty Images.

Ivy Queen, ‘The Horseball’, says , has sent private messages via Instagram to famous exponents of reggaeton as Bad Bunny, Ozuna and J Balvin, but these are ignoring , and for the moment there is no response from them to , person.

Apparently , has also tried to talk with other exponents such as Rosalia and Cardi, because , would like to collaborate with them too, but none has responded to , messages on Instagram.

The artist explains that in , opinion, testosterone in the urban genre is determined to impose and divide women and measure them by how much bust and other attributes they have. , says that , has already sent three songs to J Balvin, but still on hold.

The singer exposed this problem for the cameras of Drop the soup, and , said that , has already recorded a song called “A Day Without Us”, a song in which , shares , voice with singers like Karol G and others of the urban genre, but they have not given , permission to release the song, which is why , cannot use the song.

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