Britney Spears surprised , fans by saying that , ran the 100 meters faster than Usain Bolt

Britney Spears , left , fans on social networks speechless when , said that , has run the 100-meter dash in 5.97 seconds, faster than Usain Bolt, the athlete who holds the world record in this race.

According to the pop singer, , was on Wednesday when , managed to register this brand after training in time between 6 and 7 seconds, data that surprised , followers, since Bolt's numbers range between 9.58 seconds.

“I ran my first 5 seconds !!! Overcoming the fear of pressing at the beginning is key… Once I did that, I got to 5! I usually run in 6 or 7 seconds, on my first attempt , was 9 and now I succeeded. Wow! 100 meters flat! ”, Wrote the Artist.