Between song and pain, Mexico says goodbye to José José, , “Prince of the Song”

This Wednesday at Palace of Fine Arts the long-awaited tribute of Jose jose. The doors for the public will open from 10 in the morning and will close at 13:00. It is contemplated that during the tribute that will last three hours in the cultural venue, the National Symphony Orchestra, in addition to the intervention of members of the Opera Studio of Fine Arts and the Saloma Quartet, entertain the event with more than 30 songs made José José famous in life.

After the tribute in Fine Arts, the 24 karat gold-plated coffin will be transferred to the Basilica of Guadalupe, where a Mass will be officiated. Subsequently, the box that will carry the ashes of the artist will give a tour of the Clavería colony to later be taken to the French pantheon of the CDMX, in which the remains of the Pillow Artist will rest next to , mother; Mrs. Margarita Ortiz.


As it was estimated, José José's ashes arrived in an air force plane at the CDMX Benito Juarez International Airport around eight in the morning, after the famous singer took place this weekend in Miami. deserved homage of the present body, in which Sara Salazar (widow of José José) and the three children of the artist, Sara, Pepe and Marisol agreed that after cremation, half of the singer's ashes would stay in Miami and the other part in Mexico.

The singer's remains were guarded at all times, since , departure from Miami, by , children Marysol and Pepe Sosa and Xavier Orozco, as agreed at the Consulate of Mexico in Miami last weekend, to immediately be transferred to the Palace of Fine Arts.


The program contemplated by the Ministry of Culture, through the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL) in the Palace of Fine Arts for this October 9, will be divided as follows:

10:00 – 11:00 hrs The Saloma Estrellita Quartet, by Manuel M. Ponce, will die for your love, by Belisario de Jesús García, Gavota, by Manuel M. Ponce, Potpourri: Pajarillo Barranqueño, Adolorido, An old love and Juan Colorado, by Esparza Oteo, Jarabe, by Emmanuel Arias, Eternal Love, by Juan Gabriel, Viceroyalty Quartet, by Bernal Jiménez, Only once, by Agustín Lara, La cantinera, by Juventino Rosas y Sueño Imposible, by Darion Leigh.

11:05 – 11:30 hrs The National Symphony Orchestra will play the direction of Enrique Ramos low the themes: The ship of oblivion, Castilian themes, The Sad, The ship of oblivion

11:35 – 11:45 hrs There will be the Ensemble of the Mariachi Ollin Yoliztli School, of the Secretariat of Culture of Mexico City. They will play Pillow, 40 and 20, Your first time.

11:50 – 12:35 The Cenzontle Trio, from Huauchinango Puebla, will come out with the themes O you or me and El Gustito

12:50 – 13:00 hrs Mariachi and Choir of the Folkloric Ballet of Mexico will perform Las golondrinas, which will conclude the tribute.


“Hopefully the relatives will agree, I think they will achieve it. What I can do is a call, an appeal to family members, because singer José José is a character of all Mexicans, , already belongs to many Mexicans, now , is in the public domain, like the people loved by Mexicans. ” .

, continued “Yes, of course, the main thing is the family, but also consider that there is a general interest, the interest of the people, those who enjoyed it, enjoyed it, those who wanted it, those who continue to listen to it. So, take that into account. ”

, also added. “José José's case also has a very human element of how , faced , illness, how despite , illness , wanted to continue singing, that is, , wanted to continue singing, it was a great effort, with a lot of feeling. In this case we see well José José, whoever is brought. We can not get to comment on issues that correspond to the family, nothing more, exhorting them that if there are differences – that there are in all families too – that they make a truce, that the tribute be made and then later if they decide to continue with their differences are in full right, but to see if they can be reconciled for this matter, ”said the president.

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