“Artist doesn't win as these people think”, says Babu Santana

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In an interview with Canal Rap TV that aired this Friday (22), the actor Babu Santana spoke about , financial instability, a topic that was on the agenda while , was confined to this year's edition of Big Brother Brasil.

“Dude, an artist doesn't make money as these people think! And another thing, we are the chroniclers of our time, , is no use, we can be criticized, we can be petty, we will continue to be chroniclers of our time ”, said Babu.

The actor also spoke about the importance of the presence of rising black artists such as singers Iza, Ludmilla and Emicida. “These people become a reference that the dream is possible … These people are where they are, breaking the barriers that break, they keep these doors open for these boys to dream”, , concluded.

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