Ariana Grande cancels show and vent about health: 'I feel a lot of pain'

Ariana Grande (Credit: AFP / Archives)

Ariana Grande canceled a show , would do on Sunday night, 17, in Lexington, United States, for health problems. The singer said , has had a sore throat and a headache since , last performance in London about a month ago.

“Although it looks like I'm fine, I feel a lot of pain and it's very hard to breathe during the show. Just take this as a warning, ”, told fans on Saturday, 16.“ I'll see the doctor again in the morning and let me know about the show. I'm sorry, ”, added before deciding to cancel the event.

The singer classified the situation as a “scary feeling” and published on Instagram stories images of lemon, ginger, herbs and a hospital serum to show what , has been doing to improve. “I still can't swallow or lift my head. I don't know what's going on with my body, ”, said.

“You know I can stand it and hide things as much as I can when I'm sick. I wouldn't say anything unless it was really bad, ”, lamented.

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