Anette Michel surprises everyone by showing herself sunbathing, wearing a red bikini

Over 20 years ago Anette Michel , became known as a model and later as a soap opera actress, winning thousands of fans thanks to , beauty. , recently returned to , role as a celebrity, but very rarely does , wear , figure in a bikini, unless , is in TBT photos on , account. Instagram.

, most recent publication on that social network showed , very relaxed, sunbathing and without makeup. In the selfie, Anette appears wearing a red bikini with a great neckline, which allowed us to see that, at 48, , still has a spectacular body.

Some weeks ago Anette Michel announced that the 2020 edition of the program will be carried out “MasterChef México ” on TV Azteca, and that , will again serve as host for this new season.

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