André, Sherlyn's baby, causes a sensation in nets with , tender pajamas

The little boy has become an internet celebrity with , new outfit

With just one month old, the little son of Sherlyn, André, ,'s already a real celebrity on social media, because the fans of the actress love to see new baby pictures.

After unleash controversy a few days after questions from one of , followers who doubted the way in which , had conceived , son, Sherlyn gave the face and , made , clear that , doesn't have to prove anything to anyone.

Now, the little one has softened Instagram with a new image in which , appears with a cute pajamas with car decorations combining with a blue hat that has a nice embroidered whale.

The tender image already has more than 52 thousand likes and almost 400 comments. The proud mom commented: “A little dream, do you feel like ,? ”

Sherlyn shows us that , is very happy with , little one, whom , loves with all , heart. For , part, , followers did not take long to leave signs of support and compliments for the little one.

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