Ana Barbara presumes , bust in an acrobatic pose, to give the “Spider-Man kiss”

The program “I have talent, a lot of talent” Presents contestants who seek to be recognized either by singing, dancing or by showing their skills in different branches, but apparently one of the judges in the broadcast unveiled a talent , had hidden.

Is about Ana Barbara, who, besides being a singer, decided to prove , flexibility as an acrobat, sinking and, on , back, turning to give Don Cheto (, partner at the judge’s table) a “Spider-man” kiss, which was very well received by the public and even by the judge Chiquis Rivera.

By fulfilling this feat, Ana Barbara , showed part of , bust, covered by a neon yellow body, which drove all , fans crazy; , is a fan of the exercise, so it was not difficult to assume that pose. In recent days the singer celebrated that , is nominated in two categories at the Radio Awards, which the channel awards TV star.

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