All Univision shows ‘to the street’ for positive coronavirus

Univision takes to the streets for coronavirus.

Univision / Courtesy

We tell you that Univision has its first two cases of coronavirus positive, so they decided to take the step to vacate Newsport, the most important building of the two they have in Miami and where , is made 'Wake up America', 'The fat and the skinny', 'First impact', the newscasts, various local shows and radio programs.

What did they do then? With the premise that their own coronavirus would not stop them in their mission to inform and entertain, all the shows went to the street, or rather to the parking lot of the building where until two years ago , was the Network, and they had the studies of these shows.

Since Marie Antoinette Collins Y Jorge Ramos With the daily Cornovirus special, 'El Gordo y La Flaca', 'Primer Impacto' and 'Despierta América', they all made their programs where the set was two high chairs and the production worked alongside them on a typical plastic table from camping.

Yes, in the midst of improvisation, with the use of a lot of Skype for the talents who work from home and with the guests who at the moment cannot visit them in person, except Doctor Juan Rivera, whom we see tirelessly in all shows, Univision showed and showed that the latest technology is a beautiful party dress that makes them look more top, but that the essence is in who wears ,, in this case in the work of your employees.

How long will this last? As long as they safely disinfect the huge building and ,'s proven that they won't put their employees at risk again, some are already working on , with caution.

But many of them are quarantining their homes right now, because they have had direct or close contact with the two employees with a positive coronavirus.

Who are those who are infected? The chain decided to preserve their identities for their peace of mind and, although we will not tell you the names precisely for the same respect, we do know that they are a man and a woman. , would be a technician and work in the control room where most of the shows go through. , would be one of the writers whose cubicle is next to the rest in the building's news room.

“As a preventive measure for the health and safety of all our employees, an intensive and deep cleaning was carried out in all the person's work areas in the two buildings, in addition to the regular deep cleaning operations that are carried out several times a day”Univision told us a few days ago.