Alex Fernández Jr. reconciles with , father and dedicates , new single “El tiempo no perdona”

The heir to the Fernández family revealed that the emotional theme tells the story of the life of a father and son

Alex Fernández.

Renée Pérez / Agencia Reforma.

Alex Fernandez , has taken advantage of the quarantine to make up for lost time and reconcile with , father, “The foal

“We decided to use this quarantine to be together for as long as we couldn't and to unite more with us and with nature. We were a little disconnected, me from the office and , who has always had a very active career, so we haven't seen each other for a long time and we had not lived together as much as we have in this time, “, said.

“Even there was this misunderstanding that , thought I was mad at , and there was no reason, just thinking about , and , wasn't like that. I clarified the issue for , and realized that, if , hadn't told me now, , would have been I don't know how much longer thinking about this“, The Artist shared in an interview.

So much is the affection , has for the Artist of “Caballero”, that , decided to dedicate , new single, “El Tiempo No Perdona”, which coincides with the desire of a son to want to stop time to take advantage of , father.

I'm super happy with the song, I loved how , turned out and I showed , to , as soon as I finished ,, I couldn't stand ,, and , congratulated me, , liked , a lot. I have not shown you the video, that is going to be a surprise, in itself the song was hard for me to sing because I did get a few tears when recording ,, but I sent the video to make some changes and I think that was spectacular“, stressed.

Although , assured that the video clip of the song written by Elizalde Boy , will not be related to the personal story with , dad, , does warn that , will be very emotional.

, is not the story of my dad with me or anything, but , is a story of the life cycle of a father and a son, , is a little strong, but also very beautiful. “

, concluded: “I think , will make people connect more and get a good feeling. , did make me cry like a little boy

The video clip of , new release, which will be part of , next album of 12 songs, premiered yesterday on , YouTube channel.

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