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After leaving Twitter, Father Fábio de Melo warns that , will leave the stage

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After leaving Twitter, Father Fábio de Melo warns that , will leave the stage

Father Fábio de Melo, who had already announced that , would leave Twitter, took advantage of , program, “Spiritual Direction”, which presents on Catholic broadcaster Canção Nova, to warn fans that , will also abandon the show schedule. The priest's announcement was made in this Tuesday's edition.

“I mean, I'm already retiring from music work. It seems that this will be my last year doing this evangelism work for music. I have been thinking a lot, I have asked God to help me decide this, but I am very sure that my time with music has already given. I intend to stay on other fronts of evangelization, but we will work while we have commitments, ”said the priest, who performs in Tangará da Serra (MT), on the 17th, and in Maringá (PR), on the 30th. de Fábio should take place on December 14, in Belo Horizonte.

The priest's office confirmed to the UOL portal that , is “very tired and worn out from travel”, and reiterated that the religious plans to stop , musical career. Fábio de Melo will continue to be a writer, teacher, presenter at the Catholic station Canção Nova and a priest of the Diocese of Taubaté (SP).

Social networks

The priest had decided to quit Twitter after being criticized for , stance on the “little say” that Alexandre Nardoni, convicted of the murder of , daughter, would win on Father's Day. , warned that social networking was not doing , any good.

“My dears, I'm staying here. I have emotional health to be taken care of. I know how much I've tasted the loneliness of depression and panic, ”, wrote.


Father Fabio de Melo

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