5 sexy bikinis by Kimberly Flores, wife of Edwin Luna

Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores.

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Maybe Kimberly Flores, the beautiful wife of Edwin Luna, is loved by many and criticized by others, however something that everyone agrees on is that , looks a spectacular figure at 31. Proof of this are , bikini photographs with which , presumes , physique, we leave you some of them.

1. Enjoying the beach

With this colorful and beautiful orange bikini , showed off , athletic figure in the sand, without a doubt this design highlighted , attributes very well.

2. Beautiful in green

This look of the Amazon matched perfectly with , black hair. A model that many would like to look as good as , does.

3. A sexy mom

With this sober pastel blue outfit, , showed how well , knows how to care for , little daughter, in addition to flaunted , flat abdomen.

4. Under the sun

A tiny outfit that looked under the sun's rays, without a doubt its silhouette looked very good in this bikini.

5. Stylish blank

A white bikini with which , modeled like a professional. The accessories gave , that touch of elegance that characterizes ,.

Kimberly Flores looks like a sensual blonde while dancing in a bikini

Kimberly Flores shows off , figure with a sensual bikini

Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores are criticized, but this time , was not silent


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