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21-year-old British model dies from cliff fall in Sydney

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21-year-old British model dies from cliff fall in Sydney

Madalyn Davis, a 21-year-old British model, died last weekend falling off a cliff in Sydney, Australia. The stage of the tragedy was Diamond Bay, one of the most visited tourist spots in the country. Davis had gone to a party with friends and went to the place to watch the sunrise. However, it slipped off the cliff and could not resist the fall.

Rebecca Smith, the model's mother, contacted Davis's friends because , couldn't find ,. That second, the death of the model was confirmed. The Navy Rescue Service says the group of friends were taking photos just before the model fell. Police are still investigating what caused the death.

The cliffs of Diamond Bay are a popular tourist spot where many people take risks taking dangerous selfies. In August last year, a 27-year-old woman died at the same location while taking a picture.

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